Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

We have had a very busy and fun weekend at the Larey home.

Friday after BJ got home from work we got ready and headed to town. We went to a place called the Maytag Opry. It is on Friday nights from 7-10pm. We walked in and I promise we were the youngest people there by like forty years! BJ's mom and dad, our cousins Lynn and Erin, and some friends Cutter and KK Norris all enjoyed ourselves. It is smoke free and alcohol free as well. There is a live band and a small dance floor. Kenzie and Brooklyn stole the show dancing all night long!!! I can not wait to go back this Friday night!!!

Saturday Kenzie and I went to Ashdown to visit Nana and Papa (my mom and dad). We spent all day there and came home about 9pm that night. Did not do much, just hung out, went to Wal-Mart, and ate supper. It is nice to go spend those Saturdays with them because we do not get to see them much. Kenzie loves her Nana and Papa!!!

Kenzie had fun making a mess with her toys at Nana and Papa's!

Kenzie and Heidi playing.

Eating supper at Nana's.

Sunday was the big Super Bowl game. Not that BJ and I are either into football, but it is an excuse to get together and eat, eat, and eat! We went to New Boston to BJ's brother, Jamie's house. They had several people over and we ate hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese sticks, fried mushrooms, and all other kinds of yummy snacks...Thanks Shelley!!! I stole the football cake idea from Carla and made one myself. I was pretty proud, I think it turned out great! Kenzie had a really good time with all the kids. It was all little boys besides her so she got to let loose and be rough! On the way home she crashed in the car seat, she was so worn out!

Me and my wonderful cake!

Well, that is our weekend. We have another busy week ahead of us and lots to do!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today is just a typical rainy day.

Not much going on around the Larey household. I have Brooklyn today. Kenzie loves it when she has friends over. They get along for the most part. There is some typical pulling and shoving, but nothing major! I know that when they get older they are going to be the best of friends. If Brooklyn is anything like her mother, Erin Power, I know Kenzie will just love her!

Earlier today they were being very still and not making and noise so I went into Kenzie's room to see what was going on.

As you can see, they had pulled out all the covers, sheets, and everything else that was in there and made a nice little club house. I mean there is not a thousand toys in there already! Oh well, the blankets can be easily replaced into the changing table and atleast I got some good pictures out of it!

BJ was on his way to work this morning and his truck broke down. Poor guy! I had no idea until he got home. He had his dad come pull him home. Something about the "u joint". Ha! That is probably all wrong, but I now nothing about trucks! So he took off today and is in town buying the parts and going to fix it. He amazes me, I always thought you had to take your vehicle to get fixed! He is so good at that kind of stuff!

The girls should be getting up shortly from their nap and I need to start on some laundry...story of my life!

PS- My really good friend Carla Williams has a sick little girl. Catelyn is in our prayers here! We love that little girl so much. She once said (with a little attitude!) she was here before Kenzie! We love her like she is our own! I hope she feels better soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let It Begin

This is it guys, my very first blog!

This weekend was a very busy one! Friday BJ and I got ourselves ready and Kenzie too. We wanted to go to town to eat dinner for two reasons, I had not left the house since the Sunday before, and two I was being a lazy wife/mom that night and if anyone wanted anything to eat it was going to be served to us! We had to take some stuff to BJ's mom, and Kenzie ended up staying over there and not coming to town with us. It was actually nice to have an adult dinner without worrying about a glass being to close to the edge or food flying over to the next booth. We got a phone call asking if she could just stay the night because she was getting sleepy, and of course we did not care. After we ate we headed to the wonderful Wally World! I do not know why, but it seems like a must to go there after we eat! We walked around and then headed home.

Saturday BJ got up and went hog hunting with a few buddies and Kenzie and I hung around the house not doing much of anything! That night we went over to Carla and Michael's to watch the Cowboy's play in a playoff the way GO COWBOYS!!! They did a great job! I had been talking to Carla earlier that day making food plans, and I told her we were going to be wearing all of our Razorback stuff, and she said...."ok, but we are wearing our Cowboy stuff". I was like why would she do that, but then later learned that my dear husband informed me of the wrong game! Needless to say, we still wore our Razorback outfits and cheered the Boy's on!

Sunday was a nice day. We woke up and went to church and then went to eat with good friends afterwards at TaMolly's. Later on that evening, we made a trip to Lowes, just for fun, with our friends Courtney and Jalon Myers. We came back to the house and cooked vegetable soup. It was so yummy!

Today is Monday, and it feels like it. I have been trying to register for school and get all paid up so on the 19th I will be good to go! Miss Kenzie Paige is down for a nap and I know soon she will be wanting some lunch! Lynn and Erin and Brooklyn are coming over for dinner. The girls really enjoy playing with one another except when Kenzie tries to take her cup away from her, which is always! We really enjoy them coming over!

By the way, Happy Birthday Granny! (BJ's mom, my m-i-l, and Kenzie's Granny)